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On three November, 2008 morning, more than a lengthy period of investigate and gather evidence, the Swiss federal inside the nano
sand tyer region (Neuchatel) nearby court against former clock manufacturer and lister let Pierre Jacques s (Jean Pierre Jaquet)
in accordance using the trial location 4 years and six months imprisonment.
This case started in 2002 January and June, is situated in La suntech abundant (La Chaux DE Fonds) Mianda polishing technologies
businesses and is situated in force Locke (Le Locle) RSM cutting technologies business theft, robbery in lost tens of kilograms of
raw material gold, then the police raided the Jaquet business from a batch is believed to come from RSM business s stolen goods,
and Jaquet business can't prove its legal sources. At that time Jaquet business nonetheless belongs towards the swatch group s.
The business holds 40% from the shares Jaquet I the business President, he was detained for 14 months, throughout which has been
refused to accept any charged.
associated procuratorial departments in following 4 years lengthy following investigation and evidence collection, and lastly in
September this year the violent robbery theft gang filed a public prosecution, and on November three, case completely. In is
complete filled with 80 folder as much as much more than fifteen thousand pages of prosecution of supplies, like listing the
Jaquet individuals preparing and armed robbery gold carrier, from the TAB business internal theft valuable metal, theft costly
Replica watches parts, booty, promoting stolen goods and so on a series of crimes buy breitling watches . In usually using the public safety is great and fairly
higher integrity of well-known Switzerland, out from the so large case can not shocking.
The original 34 suspects have 15 individuals in trial and ultimately won the punishment condemnation. Among the 54-year-old
Italian because the primary culprit for alleged organization robbery, theft, receiver and forgery, and so on all charges for
punishment was nine years zero 6 months, other people punishment respectively in three to 9 years. Former Swiss watchmaker and
lister Jean Pierre Jaquet had been accused of robbery, receiver and promoting and spoils replica Replica watches convicted knockoff rolex watches , and can
instantly implement reception porridge. Jaquet and return to prison invest, you realize, he didn t come out from that location a
couple of days.
The case involved gangs nationality composition is extremely complex, the rest from the defendants consist of 4 Swiss, two French,
two Spanish , two Portuguese, two Italian, a Chilean and 1 from the former Yugoslavia bosnia ZuoAnZhe area. When released volume watch sale ,
lots of individuals will for the theft of network has an related Jaquet business precisely what in company and really feel

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